NB-IOT wireless intelligent instrument is specially designed for monitoring Fire Water Supply System. NB-IOT wireless intelligent instrument is composed of wireless pressure, temperature gauge, water immersion, wireless liquid level and water quality meter. The instrument is installed in various fire water systems, which can monitor pressure, liquid level, temperature, TDS (water quality), gas and other data in real time, and the data can be transmitted to the IoT cloud platform for viewing.
Wireless temperature and humidity recorder is suitable for cold chain logistics, high or low temperature boxes, long standby time, support HTTP, Bluetooth printing, smartphone APP monitoring & report printing, base station and GPS positioning
The new concept of Internet of Things paperless recorder! IoT platform connection function, remote WEB viewing, management data.
TP700 paperless recorder can realize IE remote monitoring, WeChat real-time alarm
IoT platform remote monitoring, mobile phone viewing data, Wechat alarm
T3 wireless data recorder, the industry's first wireless acquisition system paperless recorder, display unit and acquisition unit wireless split, 7-inch color touch screen, all isolated universal input, the fastest acquisition requires only 1S.
All Netcom designs support three major operators, APN or VPDN private networks, supporting point-to-point, center-to-multipoint peer-to-peer data transmission.
GPRS DTU-02 is an industrial-grade IoT wireless data transmission terminal. It supports short message remote query, restart, configuration parameters and USB port configuration. It is simple and convenient.
TP500 temperature and humidity recorder adopts imported high-precision and high-quality sensors with high measurement accuracy. It can be applied to data collection and monitoring in various complicated installation environments. It is simple to install and does not require wiring.
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Outline of the project Understand the situation of the site According to the situation on the site, the current analysis of your company's laboratory records is completed by manual manuscripts, and then manually entered into the computer to create an EXCLE form. After the production is completed, it is printed out for viewing and inspection. This method requires a lot of Labor and time are tested at this stage, resulting in increased long-term production costs. In order to solve this problem effectively, the wireless data monitoring project was proposed and implemented. The following solutions mainly solve the following problems: 1. No need to manually record and copy data, automatically collect and record data and automatically generate the required report functions, saving a lot of labor. 2, according to the experiment
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Torque machine data acquisition interface definition and method Torque machine torque output signal is ⊿2.5V, acquisition interval needs to be less than 100ms. The signal output interface is MON. Pins are defined as PIN.1 and PIN.6. Press data acquisition interface definition and method Press pressure value output signal is 0-10V, the signal output interface is the picture red mark place, use the pin definition is green is the signal positive, black is the signal negative. Scheme description A data acquisition card is used between the press and the torsion machine. The output signal is a USB signal. The signal is directly connected to the industrial computer on the field machine. The number of installations on the industrial control computer
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The lamp system aims at real-time monitoring of the production work status of each station in the production process. In order to realize all kinds of problems in the manufacturing process during the manufacturing process, it can promptly issue station alarms, notify relevant responsible persons of the alarms, and deal with the problem of alarm stations at the first time. At the same time, the alarm status, alarm time, and processing time of each site are recorded in real time.
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A multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder overview:Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder. Shenzhen city extension of multi channel temperature and humidity recorder Puri Electronics C
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The morning of September 21, 2016 should be the dealer beam boss invited Puruiwen Extension Department Manager bear humidity line two with the company's wireless temperature and humidity monitorin
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For customer service, for the sake of customers, our company is one of the core toprank business philosophy. September 18, 2016 morning customer notification needs to assist in debugging equipment in