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Extension service: customer is God

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For customer service, for the sake of customers, our company is one of the core toprank business philosophy. September 18, 2016 morning customer notification needs to assist in debugging equipment in the afternoon of 18, because Party A acceptance of 19. Temperature and humidity monitoring department of the company responsible for bear manager immediately for the 3 employees of Tencent in Guangzhou rushed to the room centre at noon, regardless of their journey to work immediately. To 7 in the evening all in place debugging success. Our customers have given full recognition and praise to our work.

The room center of Tencent Inc in Guangzhou room center, our company adopts the micro400 temperature and humidity acquisition, the product is tailored for the company toprank room a room for the temperature and humidity monitoring products, it is sensitive, convenient installation.

Toprank company not only reflected in the product design, the concept of the supremacy of customers. Serve the customer as god. This is also the company continues to grow and develop the fundamental.


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