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Shenzhen Toprie Electronics Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of instruments, in the resource sharing, service first principle, relying on the huge market of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, business radiation in Shenzhen City, long-term commitment to electronic measurement, maintenance, maintenance and operation of industrial facilities, especially with senior service experience in electrical safety testing, to provide procurement plan and comprehensive services, professional and convenient for customers.

Tuopu instrument professional maintenance of various types of electronic measuring instruments, the electrical and electronic equipment. Rich experience of employees for many years engaged in various kinds of electronic instrumentation measuring machine, measuring instruments and meters they are familiar with tens of thousands of varieties thousands of domestic and foreign manufacturers and the original instrument research institute. Pu instrument established in recent years, in the mutually beneficial development, the country, together with nearly twenty cities in the country, the establishment of dozens of associates and distribution cooperation units. At the same time in Shenzhen, Hongkong and Taiwan three as the main body, manufacturers and agents of the world famous brand radiation instrument, established the first hand the relatively stable and highly specialized information resources and to supply the system. Today the top, has been fully known domestic electronic instrument industry, it has become the focus of this feature: the way to provide immediate cash resources of all kinds of general electric measuring instrument; down continuation of domestic original Ministry of machine dozens of old electronic instrument and electrical instrument manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong has a level of sales and service representatives. Adhering to business philosophy, pragmatic, honest, fair and innovative Friendliness is conducive to business success. "sincere service," for purposes of the company. The company will be committed to customer demand, and strive to product quality, variety and maintenance services in three areas, the creation of characteristics. At the same time will make unremitting commitment to quality staff temper, pray with our hearts set from customers, with our feelings affect the customers, with our customers really known. Company colleagues with gratitude, thank you in the guidance of your continuous encouragement, let us work together to establish a sincere cooperation beyond the relationship of sale.

Top instrument commitment will be sincere, professional services to obtain customer satisfaction!

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