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Industrial oven cloud monitoring
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Outline of the project Understand the situation of the site According to the situation on the site, the current analysis of your company's laboratory records is completed by manual manuscripts, and then manually entered into the computer to create an EXCLE form. After the production is completed, it is printed out for viewing and inspection. This method requires a lot of Labor and time are tested at this stage, resulting in increased long-term production costs. In order to solve this problem effectively, the wireless data monitoring project was proposed and implemented. The following solutions mainly solve the following problems: 1. No need to manually record and copy data, automatically collect and record data and automatically generate the required report functions, saving a lot of labor. 2, according to the experiment
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Torque machine data acquisition interface definition and method Torque machine torque output signal is ⊿2.5V, acquisition interval needs to be less than 100ms. The signal output interface is MON. Pins are defined as PIN.1 and PIN.6. Press data acquisition interface definition and method Press pressure value output signal is 0-10V, the signal output interface is the picture red mark place, use the pin definition is green is the signal positive, black is the signal negative. Scheme description A data acquisition card is used between the press and the torsion machine. The output signal is a USB signal. The signal is directly connected to the industrial computer on the field machine. The number of installations on the industrial control computer
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