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Tuo Puri: something you open, we must give you the idea to solve!

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In September 23, 2016, in the morning glow with Guangdong, the car on the highway is not too much, we toprank company a two people according to the scheduled time very smoothly arrive at Guangdong Yong Hao Food Co., Ltd is located in Hailing Island Guangdong city in Yangjiang Province, which is a beautiful island.

After we arrived at the company, the executive branch of the company warmly received us, he introduced us briefly to the company. This is a company engaged in seafood, pig slaughtering processing, storage enterprises. There are 4 frozen library, an area of about more than 2 thousand and 400 square meters. This time we are to install wireless temperature and humidity monitoring equipment. They used our company's TP401 wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system is easy to install, stable wireless signal, strong penetration. We looked at the cold inside the situation, determine the temperature and humidity collector installed point. The library perennial temperature is maintained at -18 degrees Celsius, 4 libraries up and down the two layer, more storage of goods, the library wall insulation materials and stainless steel plate cast. Customer requests receiving host T3 on the warehouse outside. According to this situation, we arranged 12 temperature and humidity acquisition in the 4 library. 6 of them are relay oriented.

Because of the cold storage temperature is relatively low, the construction progress is not fast, the other after 1 and a half hours of work of electrical power distribution in place, we spent half the time debugging in place. Because the walls around the library covered with stainless steel, there are a little worried that the signal transmission a little weak, the fact that our TP401 penetration is strong, signal stability. This wireless monitoring system is very reliable.

Not wireless temperature and humidity monitoring construction site wall

Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring construction environment

In the conversation and leaflets to understand, they are from the Internet and instrument dealers learned that the company's products, the company felt toprank temperature and humidity monitoring products at reasonable prices, stable performance, and thoughtful customer service. So we decided to use our products.

Our company technical department Chen Gong were trained in their operation personnel, because the monitoring system has the advantages of simple operation, they soon mastered the use of methods, Chen Gong also answered some of their questions, when we left Chen Gong but also specifically explained "if there is any need to solve the problem, please feel free to call".

"What you ask, I will give you ideas to solve the" this is our toprank companies dealing with customers.


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