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Toprank launched intelligent ZigBee1608 wireless data acquisition module

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[introduction] in order to meet the application demand in the future, Shenzhen toprank Electronics Co., launched a new intelligent ZigBeeTP1608 wireless data acquisition module, ZigBeeTP1608 wireless data acquisition module has many advanced features, regardless of hardware or software features a variety of practical can meet user expectations, and do not have to apply to the industry. ZigBeeTP1608 has a new design and powerful extension to provide wireless monitoring scheme of Puri for the majority of customers to better serve the user automation.

ZigBee1608 is a 8 analog input module. Resolution of 24 bits, accuracy up to 0.2%F.S. Because ZigBee1608 analog acquisition module adopts wireless communication mode, it can be used for data acquisition and monitoring in complex installation environment. Simple installation, no wiring. Then break through the wall wiring, destroy the wall, is buried in the walls and the complicated circuit, strong anti-interference ability, has good penetrating ability. Has a powerful power protection circuit, maximum overvoltage protection to 40V, with power reverse protection.

Remote monitoring and control by computer:

Early automation, when on-site inspection, it is difficult to do online access or access to equipment data. Most of the time need to communicate with the software operation department or the central control room engineers to complete on-site inspection or error correction. ZigBee1608 using the latest wireless ZigBee technology, and through the GPRS/GSM with the use of wireless network monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the data can be uploaded to the cloud platform, data connectivity, and remote viewing, WEB data management, users can easily make every hour and moment to realize remote monitoring of all online modules.

The parameters of the object being monitored by sensors and monitoring, and then sent to the TP1608 acquisition and processing, through the method of industrial wireless TP410 receiver, and then handed over to the side of the computer software analysis, processing, storage, thus forming a set of wireless monitoring system.

Having a set function to set multiple modules:

ZigBeeTP1608 module has a group configuration function, reduce duplication configuration, in a short period of time to complete the configuration of multiple modules. Due to the configuration time is greatly shortened, users can quickly complete the installation.


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