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Data logger T3, the user's evaluation is high

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The morning of September 21, 2016 should be the dealer beam boss invited Puruiwen Extension Department Manager bear humidity line two with the company's wireless temperature and humidity monitoring products of low temperature and humidity acquisition TP402 rushed to Guangzhou Zengcheng Sanjiang grain management. The other party needs on-site testing of the company's product performance.

We put the 2 temperature and humidity collector TP402 in the granary ventilation hole, a 3 meters away from the above, a place in the 2 meters. Then covered with rice. Open the host data logger T3, soon the signal came over, after 2 hours of monitoring, data transmission proved stable and reliable.

Grain tube LED Lin total satisfaction of the company's products, especially for data logger T3 host to give a high evaluation, that: beautiful appearance, rich display interface, data reflect a comprehensive. At the same time, the characteristics of the granary for the company's product improvement programs such as dust, battery anti-corrosion, etc..

Xiong said: go back to the design and development department to communicate with each other as soon as possible to come up with the requirements of the temperature and humidity collector products and feasible temperature and humidity monitoring program. At the same time, grain tube leadership also said: if the product reliability and feasibility of the program, they will be to the Guangdong Provincial Grain tube to promote the company's products.

It seems that enterprises regardless of size, as long as the production of customer needs and satisfaction of the product, the market will have, the future will be bright.


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