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Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder TP9000

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A multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder overview:

Multichannel temperature and humidity recorder. Shenzhen city extension of multi channel temperature and humidity recorder Puri Electronics Co. Ltd. production with 7 inch full touch color screen, a variety of Thermocouple Input, the fastest 1S sampling, display clear; using Modbus communication, built-in 70MB memory, realize no paper recorder recording function formidable; make the operation more flexible and convenient in combination with buttons and knobs moreover, the embedded handle, easy to carry, truly meet the staff operating habits. At the same time, using USB interface to easily export data, data can be saved to the computer or other devices permanently saved or printed by USB data cable.

Two, multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder classification:

With the development of instrument technology in China, the classification of recorder is more and more. According to the print recorder can be divided into temperature paperless recorder and temperature recorder, paperless recorder through U disk or CF card to store the data in the recorder, and then to the computer, through the printer to print the recorded data and the curve; paper recorder can be printed directly on the site, but this paper consumption more powerful, generally these papers are required from manufacturers to buy paper consumption a year will reach hundreds or even thousands of yuan, so with the development of science and technology, paper recorder gradually be paperless recorder to replace, but because of some special occasions, need to be printed in real time, there are also some market. According to the demand of course can be divided into color with blue screen, according to the price can be divided into domestic and imported, in fact there are a lot of classification!

Three, multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder performance parameters:

AC / DC supply 85VAV~265VA/24VDC + 10%

The power consumption is less than or equal to 25VA (the actual power associated with the instrument input channel)

Channel number 1-64 path

Input signal thermocouple: K, E, R, B, N, T, E, J, S, WRE5-26, WRE3-25

The measurement accuracy of less than 0.2%F.S

Record interval 1-19999S autonomous settings

Record capacity (68M) for 6 days (64 channels, recording interval of 1 seconds)

36 days (64 channel, record interval of 1 seconds)

Record mode loop record

Alarm type high-low alarm, 4 per channel (upper limit, upper limit, lower limit, lower limit)

Relay TP1718 8 way normally open relay module 250VAC/3A (optional)

Distribution 1 way 24VDC distribution (optional multiplex distribution and 5VDC distribution)

Communication standard RS232C (optional with RS485, USB communications, Ethernet, and GPRS wireless communications, etc.)

Standard RTU ModBus communication protocol

Operating ambient temperature 0 DEG C - 50 C

Operating humidity is below 85%R.H (no dew)

Storage ambient temperature -20 C - 70 C

Storage humidity below 95%R.H (no dew)

Body material ABS

Outline dimension 288*288*200mm

Mounting hole size 278*278mm

Multi channel temperature and humidity recorder is designed according to the actual needs of all kinds of industrial production, a new set of functions of display, processing, recording, recording, alarm and other product distribution in a body.


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