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WiFi DTU-01






Product introduction:

Application area:

Classic collocation

Industrial-grade Internet of things wireless data transmission terminal
WiFi data transmission
Wide voltage power supply +8V~+28V DC
Data rate: 300~115200bps (115200bps default)
Three Serial Digital Interfaces: TTL/RS232/RS485
USB communication port configuration, simple and easy
Easy configuration for remote connection
Configure the DTU
Download the configuration tool at
WEB/PC side view
Connect free cloud platform
Data logging and viewing
Based on Tlink free Internet of Things platform for remote management, multiple ways to synchronize online, data logging & analysis/history query/wechat & SMS alarm.
At the same time support PC, mobile APP / WeChat and other ways of data viewing management
Supports multiple connection protocols
Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack, supporting TCP, MQTT protocol, and transparent transmission between device and server
Device description and port pin definition
Parameters and features
Wide voltage input
Single power supply range +8V ~ +28V DC;
Data rate
300~115200bps(115200bps default)
Serial Cache
10 KB
WIFI connection distance
Within 20m (the best effect, the distance related to the actual use of the router)
Power consumption
Average current during communication: 80 to 120 ma @ +12V; average current in idle: 25ma @ +12V
Operating temperature
Working humidity
Less than 90%;
Antenna connector
2.4G SMA-K (female);
Serial data interface
Industrial IoT wireless data transmission terminal
Stable and reliable, simple and flexible networking, data transmission delay is generally less than 1s
Provide TTL, RS232, RS485 three kinds of communication interface
Embedded TCP/IP protocol stack, TCP/MQTT protocol support, transparent transmission between devices and servers
Support point to point peer data transfer
Data terminals support always-on working methods
Support automatic disconnection and automatic restart
USB communication port configuration, after the configuration is completed, the three communication ports remain the same configuration
Application area
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