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TP600 power paperless recorder






Product introduction:

Application area:

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TP600 series electrical parameter power recorder

Touchscreen display 7&10 inch size optional, let the world let you master!
key parameter
Basic accuracy: 0.5%
Sample rate: 0.3S
Storage memory: 70M
U disk export data
Touch screen operation is simple and convenient
Maximum load current 20A, external mutual sensor up to 100A-1000A test current
Suitable for power recorders from production to R&D
From single-phase 2-wire, 3-phase 4-wire can be measured
Household appliances
Air conditioners, induction cookers, etc.
Energy equipment
LED, power supply, battery, etc.
office equipment
Monitors, printers, etc.
Industrial energy efficiency assessment
Inverter, large air conditioner, etc.
Features: Data Recorder
In the case of growth lines or requiring long-term measurement experiments, traditional power measurement equipment requires personnel to monitor and manually record some of the measured values. TP600 Series Power Recorder has the function of automatically recording values, and can view historical data at any time within the instrument, and can also use U disk to export data into computer PC software for further analysis.
70M capacity, recording period 0.3s can store 40 hours, recording period 1s can store 200 hours, recording period 10s can store 2000 hours
Efficacy design, simple and easy to use
Embedded portable
Seven-inch touch screen
USB interface
Can close the door cover
Application Example - Electrical Power Consumption Monitoring
The common power test equipment on the market is mostly single-channel power test. For some parameters that need to test multiple power devices at the same time, multiple power meters must be used to test and have no record function at the same time, which increases the cost and is not convenient for Comparison of test results of multiple electrical equipment.
Single Instrument Corresponds to Multiple Power Equipment Tests
TP600 series power recorder adopts modular design, a single module can test the power parameters of a power equipment, and select multiple modules to test and record multiple power equipments at the same time. After the end of the test, the results of multiple sets of tested equipment can be compared and analyzed to find out which power equipment is relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is more convenient to use.
3RS485 communication interface DC24V output
4DC24V power supply
5AC90-250V power supply
6 expandable power module jacks, single machine can insert 8
7 input interface (device power supply)
8 output interface (access to test equipment)
Everything - all parameters measured simultaneously
The TP600 series can measure all electrical parameters and is easy to understand with a 7-inch and 10-inch touch screen operation display. Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, power, active power, peak voltage All parameters are displayed at the same time, and with the waveform display to analyze data changes more effectively.
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