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TP700 paperless recorder






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New Internet of Things concept! -- Turn on the instrument intelligence era!
Stand-alone up to 64 channels
Built-in memory 70MB
Thermal resistance
The fastest sampling 1S
Instrument technical parameters
AC power supply
DC power supply
Power consumption
≦25VA (actual power consumption is related to the number of instrument input channels)
Number of channels
1-64 road
input signal
Thermal resistancePt100,Cu50
Electric current(DC):4~20mA,0 ~+20mA
Voltage(DC):-5V~0~+5V,-10V~0~+10V, -100mV~0~+100mV
measurement accuracy
Sampling frequency
1-19999s autonomous setting
Recording capacity (based on 64M)
12 days (16 channels, 1 second recording interval)/720 days (16 channels, 1 minute recording interval)
Record mode
Cycle record
alarm type
High and low limit alarms, 4 per channel (upper limit, upper limit, lower limit, lower and lower limits)
8 normally open relays 220VAC/2A
power distribution
One-way 24VDC power distribution (optional multiple power distribution and 5VDC power distribution)
Standard Ethernet (optional RS485, USB communication, RS232C, and GPRS wireless communication, etc.)
Standard ModBus TCP communication protocol
Operating environment temperature
Operating environment humidity
Less than 95% R.H (without condensation)
Storage environment temperature
Storage environment humidity
Less than 85% R.H (without condensation)
Body material
Fire ABS
Mounting hole size
Innovative R & D strength & Yan value worth noting
7-inch color touch screen
AC85-265V/DC24V can supply power
USB interface to easily export data
Embedded installation 278*278 hole
Isolated universal input, multiple signal acquisition
Embedded handles are easy to carry
Hide embedded handles
Easy to pull and easy to carry
Folding door cover
Not only equipment but also industrial art
Independent power switch design, free to use
7-inch color touch screen
Let the work status at a glance
Human-computer interaction interface is concise and friendly
USB Interface - Mass Storage
Support multiple frequency bands for long time information collection
Import data into a USB flash drive by setting the time period
Support statistical analysis of data
Powerful PC software for data
View and analyze.
Interface Description
③External channel expansion interface
④DC24Vpower supply
⑥Pluggable input and output modules
⑦Sensor terminals
⑧Sensor leads
Modular design, convenient channel development
Hot-swappable I/O modules allow you to expand channels later! No need to send the instrument back to the factory, the purchase module can be directly inserted.
Module name
Functional description
Universal signal input module
±5V, ±10V, 0~100mV, 4~20mA, 0~20mA, Various Thermocouples, PT100
8-channel signal input
Relay alarm output module
8 normally open relay contact outputs, each contact can be used with any channel, maximum current 2A
Signal contact output 8 way
Temperature and humidity acquisition module
Can access 4 tp2305 temperature and humidity probes or access 8 tp2305 single humidity probes (ordering instructions); Can connect 8 DS18B20 temperature sensors (- 55 °C ~ 125 °C, ± ± 0.2 °C accuracy ±
8-channel signal input
DC current acquisition module
Maximum support DC current 0~10A, accuracy 0.5%, resolution 1mA
8-channel signal input
DC voltage acquisition module
Maximum support 120V DC voltage acquisition, accuracy 0.5%, resolution 1mV
8-channel signal input
Recorder battery module
1 battery module for 8-channel recorder for 16 hours of continuous operation
Optional products
*TP1701 recorder power supply module is based on customer needs, in order to solve the TP series recorders in the process of use, sudden power outage or no power in the working environment, to protect the power supply and continue to work. TP1701 uses the company's standard interface, plug and play, 12V, 4000mAH large capacity lithium polymer battery pack, TP1701 sampling advanced constant current constant voltage charging circuit, charging current rating at 800mA, charging efficiency of 90% or more, in the fast charge At the same time, the heat output is low, which will not substantially affect the accuracy of the test module. It is about 10 hours full of time. After the charge is completed, the charging circuit is automatically shut off, with overcharge and short circuit protection. The power supply module of the TP1701 recorder supplies power for more than 16 hours in a single sampling module and at least 4 hours for a multi-sampling module. At the same time, according to customer needs, two or more parallel use can be used simultaneously. In order to achieve double the logger usage time.
TP1708 Acquisition Module Specifications
Input type Measurement range Measurement accuracy display resolution
Measuring range ±10V -11.000V to +11.000V ±0.05%of rdg±2 digit 1mV
±5V -5.500V to +5.500V ±0.05%of rdg±2 digit 1mV
±100mV -110.0mV to +110.0mV ±0.05%of rdg±2 digit 0.01mV
0-20mA 0 to +20.00mA ±0.05%of rdg±2 digit 0.01mA
4-20mA 4 to +21.00mA ±0.05%of rdg±2 digit 0.01mA
K -100℃ to +1372℃ ±0.05%of rdg±0.6℃ 0.05℃
J -100℃ to +1200℃ ±0.05%of rdg±0.6℃ 0.05℃
E -100℃ to +1000℃ ±0.05%of rdg±0.6℃ 0.05℃
T -100℃ to +400℃ ±0.05%of rdg±0.5℃ 0.01℃
N -100℃ to +1300℃ ±0.05%of rdg±0.6℃ 0.05℃
w 0℃ to +1500℃
+1500℃ to +2315℃
±0.05%of rdg±0.8℃
±0.05%of rdg±1.1℃
R 0℃ to +300℃
+300℃ to +1768℃
±0.05%of rdg±1.6℃
±0.05%of rdg±0.9℃
S 0℃ to +300℃
+300℃ to +1768℃
±0.05%of rdg±1.6℃
±0.05%of rdg±0.8℃
B +400℃ to +600℃
+600℃ to +1820℃
±0.05%of rdg±1.7℃
±0.05%of rdg±1.0℃
pt100 -200℃ to +600℃ ±0.1%of rdg±0.3℃ 0.02℃
cu50 -50℃ to +150℃ ±0.1%of rdg±0.3℃ 0.02℃
Preheating time 30 minutes or more; ambient temperature 0°C to +50°C; ambient humidity 20% to 85% RH (no condensation); mass about 300g (about 160g including port stage)
HD display true color picture
Numerical Curve Bar Graph History Alarm
Powerful PC analysis software
Multi-machine communication database management computing upgrade alarm analysis docking IoT platform
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