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TP2000 temperature tester






Product introduction:

Application area:

Classic collocation

High efficiency, continuous storage of data 16 groups, while downloading to the computer group analysis processing; using modular analysis mode, simple, fast analysis system based on PC (Windows) and PDA (Pocket) for data analysis; low power consumption, using lithium batteries Power supply, continuous use for more than 60 hours, fast charge for 10 minutes to use; communication mode using serial, USB and wireless transmission, suitable for a variety of work environments and applications; multi-layer heat insulation, made of stainless steel, can be Respond to the most rigorous lead-free process and withstand harsh industrial environments; rigorous process manufacturing and accurate calibration services, all calibrations are calibrated with FLUKE-724, and partner with China's largest CTI calibration agency to ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable, and small , Storage capacity (230,400 data points), the use of FLASH memory chips, any accident will not lose data.
Instrument technical parameters
230,400 points
Test channel
Test Channel
6/12/24 channel
Sampling frequency
Sampling frequency
0.05s~30 Min
Run Voltage
Run Voltage
Thermocouple Types
Thermocouple Types
Type K
Max.inner runtemperature
Max.inner runtemperature
simulation fuction:option
simulation fuction:option
TP2000 Professional Temperature Tester
Professional temperature test
●The operation is simple and convenient, all data are used database management, can use the wizard to quickly import the process analysis;
●The software operation is equipped with Chinese, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and other language versions;
●High-temperature protection, the internal temperature of the instrument exceeds 70°C. It automatically turns off the test function, and automatically shuts off the power supply if it exceeds 80°C.
●Sampling frequency setting (0.05 seconds to 30 minutes);
●Measuring accuracy ±0.6°C (-40°C~1370°C), the acquisition mode can be selected by key start, temperature trigger start or time start;
●Intelligent control, indicator light in any situation (low battery, charging status, data download, data clearing, memory overflow, high temperature warning, instrument reset, etc.)
Software analysis
Software analysis
TP2000 furnace temperature test and analysis software involves a wide range of temperature testing in the electronic assembly process. It is an efficient, convenient, fast, and easy to operate analysis software. Its modular structure allows customers to freely choose according to their needs. The software's analysis function is as follows
Configuration list
Tester configuration list
Packing Box*1
Host TP2000*1
Insulation heat box*1
User Manual*1
Software CD*1
Data cable*1
Thermocouple plug,Attachment
Quality certification*1
About service
After-sale service
1. Warranty period One year from the date of purchase, the host can enjoy free warranty service if there is a quality problem during normal use.
(Customers in this Municipality provide free on-site installation training/Customers in areas outside the city who need to provide on-site installation training are required to provide actual travel expenses for our engineers.)
2. The product must be under normal conditions of use. If the main unit malfunctions, the technicians of the company can verify that the parts can be repaired and replaced for free. Replaced parts are to be recovered by the company.
3, consumable parts are not covered by the warranty;
4, the product warranty for the user to repair, for the return of repair products that need to be mailed, our company will use the company designated by way of mailing, and is responsible for one-way (mail back to our company) product postage;
5. The explanation of the warranty card shall be owned by the company.
important hint:
Thank you for using our company's products. In order to make our service more satisfactory to you, please read the product manual carefully after purchase, and fill out the relevant warranty information, and properly preserve the product quality assurance card.
If the following conditions occur, the product is not covered by the warranty. The specific instructions are as follows:
1, the product exceeds the warranty period;
2. Use non-original parts to cause damage;
3. The product is damaged due to misuse, negligent use, or due to force majeure;
4. The product is not repaired, disassembled or modified by authorized personnel;
5. The appearance of the product is seriously damaged or broken, and the product-related logo is replaced, altered or torn;
6. Products that are artificially damaged in the handling process;
7, can not produce the relevant proof of purchase.
Explanation: The company does not assume any responsibility for property or personal injury caused by improper use.
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